Specialty Relax Tincture: Full-Spectrum CBD, CBG, CBN with Calming Terpene Blend


Experience Tranquility with Our Specialty Relax Tincture – Infused with CBD, CBG, CBN, and Serene Terpenes. Unlock Deep Relaxation Naturally!

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Indulge in the serenity of our Specialty Relax Tincture, a meticulously crafted full-spectrum CBD blend designed to transport you to a realm of unparalleled relaxation. Embrace tranquility like never before with this soothing blend.

Key Features:

  1. Relaxation in a Bottle: Our specialty tincture combines 2250mg of Full-Spectrum CBD, 750mg of CBG, and 300mg of THCV per bottle, delivering an extraordinary formula to help you unwind. Each 1ml dose offers 75mg of CBD, 25mg of CBG, and 10mg of CBN to nurture profound relaxation.
  2. Calming Terpene Symphony: Envelop your senses in the soothing embrace of earthy and lavender flavors infused with our terpene blend. Linalool, Limonene, and Beta-Caryophyllene harmonize to promote deep tranquility, making every moment a peaceful retreat.
  3. Organic MCT Oil: Stay true to nature with our organic MCT oil carrier, ensuring efficient CBD, CBG, and THCV absorption. Experience a swift and effective journey to relaxation.
  4. 30 Doses per Bottle: Each bottle holds a month’s worth of relaxation, with 30 doses that help you find solace whenever you need it. Take a dose 30-60 minutes before your relaxation time for optimal results.
  5. Stackable Bliss: For an all-encompassing relaxation experience, consider stacking our Specialty Relax Tincture with your staple CBD tincture. Together, they unlock a synergy that enhances your overall wellness journey.

Embark on a voyage to tranquility with our Specialty Full-Spectrum Relax Tincture. Carefully crafted to elevate your sense of calm, it’s the key to unwinding, recharging, and embracing life’s peaceful moments.


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